How Public Space in the Real is impacted by the Virtual World


The subject I want to talk about today is How Physical Activity can be promoted through the internet. Masayoshi Oka  in his paper

Toward Designing an Environment to Promote Physical Activity

talks about how the physical world and the social world come together in public space. I have taken this model further and trace how TV takes people indoors (away from public space) and then internet starts to replace the community that is formed in public spaces. My theory is that the internet can be used to bring people in the public spaces together (proximity, location based services) and can also be used to bring people together in public space (facebook event calendar). What we saw in tahrir square in the Egyptian uprising can also be analysed through this tool.

To conclude, I believe that old world media definitely brings people away from community (even though they may have a shared sense of “imagined community”), but new media can definitely bring people out and into the community.


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