Goodbye powerpoint

Today, for the first time in 20 years of using presentation softwares, I was staring at a blank powerpoint screen, and just did not feel the energy to populate the slides. Being such a heavy ppt user, I was at a loss as to why this was happening.

Mental block?

No. I have reached the end of the line with powerpoint, and mind you I am not moving to prezi in the near future either. So, then what? I have explored sway (, and bunkr ( but honestly I am not impressed. After a chat with Irfan Kheiri, I was reminded of how years ago he used to say that powerpoint was counter intuitive and not the right way to start thinking. After all these years, I have to agree.

So, what I think is we need to create a completely new product. I think it needs to connect to the “net brain” but also needs to disconnect when needed. This needs to work on holographic tech ( or on oculus and needs to work with gestures. It needs to be thinking tool, and a presentation tool also. Starting with mindmapping, then connecting to the net brain, then preparing a pres, and then sharing and presenting to others. Seamless is needed, and this will liberate us from powerpoint. Microsoft are you listening?



    • ideawala

      My problem with oculus is the lack of “nativity” in the whole apparatus. One wants to be in a real space and still be able to work, I think of it as being an extension of the second screen phenomenon rather than complete immersion.

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